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Maham, 20, Pakistan, my tumblr is dedicated to TVD, nikita, twilight, shahrukh and most of all my obsessions. Yeah i am a CRAZY person =P
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“Some books are so familiar that reading them is like being home again.” - Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

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Oh, the kiss wasn’t scripted, I didn’t know I was going to do it. I just thought, ‘I just missed my girlfriend’s valedictorian speech. How am I going to make it up to her?’ Then I was thinking, ‘I’m graduating. I don’t really give a fuck about this place, and fuck all of the people. So I’m going to go in and have fun. And embarrass her!’ - Andrew Garfield

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we can’t go back anymore

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skyeward + “Hear Me” by Imagine Dragons
Requested by anonymous

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Emery Whitehill ♦ Star-Crossed

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You woke up a weakness inside of me

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endless list of favorite movies: Pretty Woman (1990)

I’m actually - no, I’m not a planner. I wouldn’t say I’m a planner. I would say I’m a kinda fly by the seat of my pants gal. You know, moment to moment. Yeah that’s me.

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Welcome back Ric!

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my body is ready (gents) —> matt lanter

"I want someone that I can have fun with and laugh with…I think if you are going to be with someone for a while, you really need someone you can let loose with and let go of all the stress of the day."
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